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Toni Kessering Biography Photo Toni Kessering Biography
Born: 3/2/1955
Aliases: Titani Toni Francis ,Toni Frances, Titanic Toni, Judy Conway

Hometown: West Bristol, England
Resides now in: England
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 132 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
Breasts: 44F Waist: 28" Hips: 36"

Toni was an unmistakable natural wonder of the BBW and big Boobed gals' genre. Always overflowing was her 38J Bra with those 44F breasts set for wow. Toni took careful aim at the expanding industry. She started off near home in print modeling for the big girls of interest, catalog small ads and seemingly harmless conservative spreads quickly got the notice of traveling artists. Soon she would be gracing the neighboring country's prints and tabloid features of her magnificent twins of titanic tease. Visiting Germany she took on the name of Kessering for some modeling in various venues and live events. Next step was some subsequent spots that exploited her launch into adult film and carnal production mainstream.

Her dynamic flesh duo's got her a lot of work but true sensation and notoriety set in towards the start of the 80's, as her boisterous figure and attitude caught with the rising female independence sentiment. Crossing many generations of adolescent males in their youth Toni was an ever growing hit in the coming of age big boobs fans. The commonness of her beauty and large presence of assets were all she needed to carry her career through the dynasty of decades.

Toni reached the height of her popularity in the early to late 1980's, in which she appeared in pretty much every big-bosom themed publication known to man. She also did a host of videos and even some hardcore layouts and videos, all of which she once claimed were with her "husband". However, there are some still layout circulating around that show her not only with more than one guy, but also with more than one guy at the same time.

Most of her early career was spent in modeling notably in the candid nature. Toni put her attention to quantity, being do as much work as you can while your goods are in demand. The world is truly supply and demand by nature, I'm glad I have the supply to meet the current demand she smilingly touted, lets hope the demand continues for a while. As time would prove the demand never really waned for her scrumptious supply of scenery. To this day her early and more recent postings, prints and film remain highly sought after.

Highlighting a great film career were 'Big Boobs Party' showing a gathering of busty gal pals, and plenty of toy play with her awaiting pal, not to forget a awe filled bathtub scene leaving us to envy the very water she displaced. 'The Maid Upstairs' will always be revered as crowd pleasing favorite in the "fuck-a-maid-fantasy" setting. 'Breasts of Britain' brought forth Toni's first guy - girl scene live to film, while much anticipated it was well worth the wait for this wild west pounding of puss and boobs.

This buxom beauty contrasted the best layouts to gaze upon in timely enough order to keep the constant attention of a great fan base. Proving a factor beyond that of collectability, but more of heirloom quality holdings.

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